Ibialum - Carpintería de aluminio y cristalería | What we offer
Las mejores soluciones para el hogar, obra o negocio, siempre a medida de cada cliente. Somos profesionales con más de 20 años de experiencia.
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What we offer

We offer the widest range of joinery products in aluminium and PVC, glass, stainless steel and iron. We manufacture and supply solutions that include handrails, shutters, skylights, swimming pool covers, blinds, bath screens, curtain walls, roller blinds, automatic and sectional doors, mobile and fixed roofs, solar protection systems and more.

Much more than aluminium and glass

At our workshops on the Montecristo Industrial Estate, we manufacture the very latest in aluminium joinery systems – as can be seen in this project by Gallardo Llopis Architects.

Our commitment: quality and service

From drawing up plans to manufacturing and installation, we combine our experience and professionalism with the latest advances in manufacturing and fitting systems.

The best advice for your project

We tailor the way that we handle the specific requirements of each of our clients, applying all physical and technical resources at our disposal so that we are able to offer the best possible service at all times.